Dr. Breen
Dr. Kelly Breen

About Dr. Kelly Breen

Dr. Breen is a Washington State native, born in Puyallup, graduating from Sumner High School and Central Washington University (Zoology).

In 1988 Dr. Breen attended Western States Chiropractic Collage (a Palmer school in Portland Oregon). He graduated in 1992 and has been practicing in Poulsbo since then. Dr. Breen is a National Board Certified Chiropractor, credentialed in parts I, II, III and IV. He has extensive experience in Independent Medical Exams both individual and panel.

Dr. Breen is a Diversified Chiropractor and uses a variety of gentle techniques including activator and manual adjusting. His clients range from children to seniors. And his is a preferred provider for most insurances including Medicare.